USA-based DUNSNET, with offices in Connecticut and Florida, is a leading provider of peer-to-peer/peer-to-institution electronic financial transaction transmission and security-enhanced business information transmission. The DUNSNET network is one of the largest in the US, with representative infrastructure in each of the top 150 US MSAs and connectivity to every major financial institution.

DUNSNET is not currently accepting new direct customers; however, access to the DUNSNET network is available from most major financial institutions. Please contact your financial institution of transaction clearing house for more information.

DUNSNET and the DUNSNET network administration team can be contacted directly at the information below:
189 South Orange Ave. Suite 1500S
Orlando, Florida 32801

Phone : +1-407-476-9854
Fax: +1-703-997-0364

Network Operations Center:
Audit Team:
Administrative Offices:
Accounts Payable:
Abuse Department :